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Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to human Rights

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United We Stand!
Here in this space, everyone has a voice. Everyone has issues that need support, a listening ear, and courses of action to implement changes in the community for the betterment of all. We push to be 1 and only 1 community.

Mission Statement

aggressively promote and encourage self-sufficiency and self-esteem in the African American, BIPOC, and socially disadvantaged communities. Promote community diversity & inclusion through advocating social justice principles, equal policy, Agriculture, Housing, employment , education community events and activities.

How we take action:

 United Community Change promotes diversity and inclusion through social justice principles, equal policy, community activities and agriculture development and exposure. The organization commits itself to assisting individuals learn ways to become independent and build long term family wealth through agriculture programs and road maps, with the assistance of mentors and complementary resources in local policy, housing, education and employment to help them on their life journey and out of any obstacles the individual might face. United community change is determined to break the glass ceilings that are holding community members from collaborating together.   We close the gap by hosting events and public community conversations that promote equality, ignite understanding amongst various individual perspectives and highlighting of leaders and individuals that make the local community welcoming to everyone. With the help of sponsors, members and corporate business partners United community change will increase the confidence of our empowered members and maximize the efforts our prominent stakeholders contribute to the community to help the city grow and become more diversity acceptable and inclusive. As a non profit United Community Change is committed to using our programs, events and resources in order to help our partners members and staff hold the local golden standard of what it means to be a diverse inclusive and progressive community.


1) Create community activities that assist in the eradication of racism and promote inclusive community involvement. Use the Community gardens as a place of gathering and promotion of healthy resources for marginalized families.
2) Encourage non partisan and bipartisan voting efforts and registrations and as well youth involvement in local political candidates. Ensure entire community is educated on the impact of new leaders voted into leadership roles on a consistent current ongoing manner.
3) Support City Hall community participation get more community members involved in local politics by assisting with unbiased community education and bringing forth to the attention of residents community issues that impact the equity of the community citizens. Increase participation by .5 % per year.
4) Be proactively assisting in local police reform. Inspire the community members to participate in all available opportunities giving insight into police department training to further transparency in the community.
5) Involve community corporations and leadership through memberships and sponsorship opportunities to align themselves with our mission and create a cohesive effort that promotes the UCC mission through recognition, visibility and partnership.

our vision

Eradicate racism and ensure equal justice, education, housing, economic ownership, and financial literacy and opportunity to all community members by establishing unified leadership efforts through programs and initiatives that provide stability, equity, and equality for every citizen.


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